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Do you want to get into Schulich BBA?

With around 7k applicants and only 400 spots available per year, York's Schulich BBA program is one of the most competitive in Canada. 

Grades are important, but your supplemental application is the difference-maker. The problem is, most students fail to produce a strong one.


Spend less time stressing and second-guessing

The strength of your Supplementary Application will determine your future—but doing a high-quality job takes time that you don’t have, given all of your other commitments.

Stop scrambling for feedback and answers. Get clear, proven advice from a professional you can trust.


Acceptance Rate

We give our clients the best probability of receiving an offer, hands down

9+ Years

Proven Experience

We are the undisputed leading experts in the Schulich BBA application


Client Satisfaction

Hundreds of 5-star reviews and a money-back guarantee—that’s trust

1-on-1 Consulting

Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your BEST self

Believe it or not, Schulich BBA applicants have shockingly similar profiles: elite athletes, DECA finalists, class presidents, club founders, etc.

We help students develop extracurriculars that truly stand-out, while drawing out the pieces of your life—most of which you will overlook—to create a truly compelling and authentic application.

Boost your chances and avoid common pitfalls

We don’t just edit essays. We help craft clear and compelling stories that perfectly encapsulate who you are and what the admissions committee is looking for.

For 9+ years, we’ve read so many York Schulich BBA applications that we know what works and what doesn’t—we’ll steer you away from unoriginal, cliché, or ‘no-no’ strategies.

How It Works


Discover your strengths and what makes you unique through our proprietary coaching process and personality assessment.


We provide expert advice on course and subject selection, as well as academic opportunities that can improve your grades/profile.

Profile Strategy

We help you develop an application theme and strategy to fill in the gaps in your profile and ensure you standout from the crowd.


We help you identify and achieve BIG extracurricular opportunities, such as internships, your own non-profit, a new club at school, etc.

Topic Brainstorm
& Selection

Having seen many essays, we can help you choose topics that are unique and avoid ones that rub readers the wrong way.

Reflective Thinking

We prompt students’ to reflect deeper on thoughts and experiences to capture more unique and mature perspectives beyond the norm.

Essay Outlining
& Drafting

We help you build out a structure for your essays, so they are beautifully flowing stories that check all the boxes.

Essay Revisions
& Feedback

We deep-dive into your essays with insightful comments and detailed edits so you keep what matters and take out what doesn’t.

Final Proofing
& Polishing

We make sure your application is picture-perfect and you’re not overlooking blindspots that could put you at risk of a rejection.

Your Expert Advisors

Hi, I’m Alex Dorward!

I’m a Top 40 Under 40 tech entrepreneur from Ottawa, incredibly passionate about helping young people get into top engineering programs in Canada.

For 9+ years, I’ve helped numerous students get admitted into Schulich BBA with a 90% success rate with my 1-on-1 clients.

Check out my support services leverage the essential insights I’ve gained over the years.

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For students who want support on a budget

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For students who want a trusted second opinion

  • 14 Modules
  • Essay Analysis & Breakdowns
  • Essay Examples
  • Essay ‘Answer’ Templates
  • Reflective Thinking Prompts
  • Essay Outlining & Drafting
  • Essay Revisions & Feedback
  • Final Proofing & Polishing
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For students who don’t want to leave anything to chance

  • All Our Bootcamps
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  • Essay Examples
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  • Application Strategy
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  • Topic Brainstorm & Selection
  • Reflective Thinking Prompts
  • Essay Outlining & Drafting
  • Essay Revisions & Feedback
  • Final Proofing & Polishing
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Trusted by parents. Loved by students.

"They were such a great help to me! I couldn't have been as successful without their help. I recommend Alex and Joel to everyone who is stuck on how to attack their application. You won't be let down!"

Anonymous Client Student — Toronto, ON

"We are happy with your exceptional services. My son learned a lot while having the essays reviewed with the team. You both provide incredible and invaluable professional insight."

Anonymous Client Student — Toronto, ON

"We have received fantastic services from Alex and Joel, and our daughter has got her dream school's offer. Again, thank you very much and all the best!"

Anonymous Client Parent — Toronto, ON

"Joel and Alex are both knowledgeable, helpful and a great source of comfort in the overwhelming time of university applications. I would recommend their services to just about anyone writing a supplementary to one of Canada's top schools. They have a deep knowledge of the admissions process and will pinpoint key areas of needed improvement in your application. Even if you are confident in your own judgement, having a second opinion from them could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection."

Anonymous Client Student — Ottawa, ON

"External editing is an essential part of writing any great essay. Friends and family sometimes can't provide the insight required for you to write your best application essays.

They offer a highly personalized and well-focused framework through which you can communicate your own ideas more effectively than you thought possible. It's truly an exceptional service."

Anonymous Client Student — Aurora, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Admissions Ally?

Alex was the first admissions consultant focusing on York Schulich BBA back in 2011. 

He's been advising students on their Rotman supplemental applications for 9+ years and knows the admissions process better than anyone outside the admissions committee.

Other consultants may know the application and have some experience getting students in, but not the same consistency and extent as Alex. When it comes to getting into Schulich BBA, he's "the guy".

When should we start working together?

For our 1-on-1 support, we start working with students starting in Grade 11 to a week before the application is due. The longer we work together, the more impact we can have; but if it is a shorter duration, we can expedite our work to help our clients.

What if I have a question? Am I able to contact you?

Yes! If you have general questions about the packages or about working with us 1-on-1, email us directly at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within the day.

Do you offer refunds?

With our 1-on-1 coaching services, if you made a purchase by mistake or there is another issue, please contact us and if it's not resolvable, we will give you a refund.

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