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“Joel’s guidance and support was invaluable.

His understanding of the process—as well as the quality of submissions—allowed our daughter to raise the bar on her responses and optimize her chances of acceptance.

Thank you Joel for getting us through a very stressful and critical period.”

Shelley S. Parent — Toronto, ON

“My husband and I really can't thank you enough for all you have done for our daughter's admission into Queen's Commerce.

You have challenged her thinking and writing, and pushed her to position her past accomplishments in ways she had not done so previously. You also gave her the confidence and initiative to begin a project that I believe she will sustain and draw further confidence from as well.  

You got to know her quickly and taught and motivated her in a way that she really responded to as well. I know we engaged you to assist with the application process, but I really believe your influence will stay with her and she will draw from your suggestions and interactions in the future.”

Confidential Client Parent — Toronto, ON

"Joel’s consulting work with Noa was truly a game changer.  He worked with her to develop an X Factor as a common theme.  He then helped her craft all of her personal statements around this theme.  The end result was exceptional. Noa was accepted to Queen’s Commerce and awarded a scholarship.  I told Joel his consulting fee was money well spent long before we learned that she had been accepted.

When she was accepted, in mid May, my first phone call was to Joel to thank him again. What is interesting is that Noa did not meet Joel face to face through this entire process. All of the work they did together was by phone text and email.  I would recommend Joel’s services highly to anyone looking to give their son or daughter an edge above the competition."

John M. Parent — Toronto, ON

“I have absolutely no regrets working with Joel. He made the process of applying to universities a lot less stressful and made me consider things I never would have considered mentioning in my essays.

I was accepted to Queen’s Commerce and Western Ivey. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone applying!”

Confidential Client Student — Oakville, ON

A big thank you to Joel and his consulting company. Joel’s knowledge on what is needed to be the best has helped my daughter to think outside the box, helped her discover her strengths and has greatly increased her chances to get into some of hardest universities out there.

I highly recommend Joel and his company to any families out there that are looking to give their children that little extra to make them special!”

Mary R. Parent — Toronto, ON

“Joel’s program helped me significantly develop my leadership skills and build an application that got me admitted to McMaster Health Sciences—my dream program.”

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Confidential Client Student — Hamilton, ON

“The Admissions Ally program is a very intensive process, but what you get out of it is truly invaluable, and will last a lifetime.

I was admitted to Queen’s Commerce and won Queen’s University’s prestigious Chancellor’s Award, valued at $36,000 over four years.”

Justin K. Student — Kitchener, ON

I got into Queen's Commerce and I’ve accepted my offer. Thank you so much for your guidance and support on the application process. It was a true game changer for me."

Jordan M. Student — Belleville, ON

“As a student, I would limit myself to doing just what was asked of me, but as my mentor, Joel pushed me to think outside the box and gave me a platform to accomplish great things.

With Joel's guidance, I wrote and self-published an Amazon best-selling book on personal finance for teenagers and received an offer from Queen's Commerce. Thank you so much for the help!”

Harsh C. Student — Milton, ON

“I’ve been working with Joel for the past four months and he has radically helped me improve my application.

Joel guided me to launch the first ever Chapter at my school and he’s also helped me launch the first Entrepreneurship Club at my school.

I am very happy and much more confident in my applications to business school, and that’s all thanks to Joel.”

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T.G. Student — Toronto, ON

Admissions Ally helped me so much on discovering my career interests and redefining my career direction and identity. With his unique experience, Joel became someone I can always look up to when facing critical decisions. His program significantly helped me in my admission to all the universities I applied, including Queen's Commerce.“

Lexi Z. Student — China

“I was accepted to both Ivey HBA AEO and Queen’s Commerce and couldn’t be happier. Joel has helped me reach my potential by showing me that I can pursue my dreams even as a student, learning valuable lessons along the way and fostering independence.”

A.A. Student — Toronto, ON

“I truly cannot thank you enough for all your help in getting me into Queen’s Commerce. It's been a pleasure working with you.

I have learned a lot about myself through this process and you have pushed me to do many things that I wouldn't have been able to do by myself.”

Confidential Client Student — Toronto, ON

“Joel has been working with me for the past six months in the process of putting together my Health Science application. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and in answering any questions I had to begin with.

With his help I was able to start up my first entrepreneurial project, something I'm sure I would not have been able to do without his help. Together we were able to put together an application that communicated my ideas and represented who I was as a student. I would highly recommend Joel and his expertise to anyone and I cannot thank him enough for his help.”

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Confidential Client Student — Vancouver, BC

“This is an exceptional service to use if you are in need of help for your university application. Joel’s valuable experience guarantees that you have the competitive edge in your application.

I was successfully accepted to my first choice program, Queen’s Commerce in May. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone applying to university.”

Fei W. Student — Winnipeg, MB

“As parents, we were really impressed with Joel's service when he helped our son navigate his way through the overwhelming university application process….

His organized and directed approach to the process was very effective through personality testing, Discovery sessions, the application and advice on essay writing, he helped my son present the strongest possible application he could. He also shared specific strategies on effectively communicating accomplishments and how to represent those specific strengths and attributes as strongly as possible to allow the essence of the applicant’s character and personality to really shine through…

All I can say is after the first conversation with Joel we had a huge sigh of relief. His knowledge is current and relevant. He demystified the process and it was a true pleasure dealing with such a professional. I highly recommend Joel service to any applicant on their journey through the university application process.”

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Confidential Client Parent — Oakville, ON

“In a few words, Joel’s input was invaluable to my son’s personal statement and responses to various application questions.

While my son worked to have the necessary criteria, accomplishments, experience and volunteer work to become an excellent candidate to admission committees, Joel was outstanding at helping to integrate this information in a way that elevated it’s worth to the school and the community and simultaneously demonstrate how he’d contribute moving forward in a genuine and valued way.

The magic though is in how he assisted in creating uniqueness to my son's answers that is current and interesting for readers. This is what I think tipped the scales in my son’s favour when competing against hundreds of exceptional students. Joel was positive, friendly, and easy to work with. He enjoys setting students up for success.

Lastly, I was struck by how easy it was for Joel to do all of this without meeting my son or I in person and how he modelled and taught my son his way of thinking and process along the way for his future use.”

Confidential Client Parent — Toronto, ON

“Working with Joel set me on the path to becoming the best leader I can be at Queen’s Commerce. He helped me recognize and appreciate the current and future value of my accomplishments as a student, athlete and a community member.”

Robin K. Student — Toronto, ON

"I used the program as a stepping stone in my development. It allowed me to expand my horizons and achieve what I could’ve only imagined, all in a really quick time-frame, including getting an official offer from Queen's Commerce. Thank you!”

Prannoy L. Student — Brampton, ON

“Thanks for helping me get into Queen's Commerce. I learned a significant amount about myself and was able to achieve more in a year than in my whole life before Admissions Ally.”

Vanini L. Student — Toronto, ON

“Working with Joel, I launched a non-profit wheelchair tennis program, called Aces on Wheels. I also became a finalist in the TD Community Leadership scholarship and was a winner of a RBC Scholarship, valued at $2,500.

now attend the Queen’s Commerce program and obtained an internship after first year with Cisco Systems. Joel has shown me the results of passion combined with work. I now do what I love while striving the make a difference in the world.”

Stephanie Student — Oakville, ON

“During Joel's process, it was thorough, detailed, organized, never rushed and it was clear he wanted me to create the best possible product to my applications. I looked forward to the sessions and I feel I completed all of the steps in the application with quality and focus.

Joel has an excellent process and approach to his client's applications starting with discovering his client’s personalities through professional surveys, step-by-step essay completion, and his advice towards his clients when they're working with their personal achievements.”

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Confidential Client Student — Oakville, ON

“When my daughter began working with Joel, he suggested in order to be a strong applicant for university, she needed to work on our extracurricular activities. Based on her interests and passions, he said to work on ideas that would truly stand out.

He took the time to figure her out and what would be successful for her and didn't offer preset packaged ideas. With his help my daughter started a successful business and rolled out two projects that proved popular at school. Joel also coached her and her PSE, again taking the time and effort to help her prepare a customized paper that represented her in the best possible light.

I strongly think that thanks to Joel's help and expertise my daughter's chance of getting into the program of her choice improve greatly.”

Listen for Yourself

Confidential Client Parent — Toronto, ON

“We used Joel’s services this year to help my daughter with her Queen’s application and her Chancellor’s Award. At first. I was a little skeptical hiring him over the internet and being in a different city. But in fact it worked out really, really well.

He was a big help to us, to me and my daughter, and her application was very successful. She was the application award winner for her school, and she also really enjoyed working with him.”

Listen for Yourself

Confidential Client Parent — Ottawa, ON

"While working with Joel, he helped me to realize the value of my accomplishments, enhancing my own self-awareness and helping me work towards becoming a better leader. I'm using these skills as a student at Queen's Commerce.”

James Q. Student — Aurora, ON

“Initially, I was concerned about hiring someone for my son in his pursuit of admission to Mac.

I had heard all sorts of stories about application services and I wanted my son to be admitted on his own merits. Joel did a wonderful job of coaching my son. He helped him develop his thoughts and express them clearly. Joel; showed a great deal of patience and in the end, my son was accepted to both the Health Sciences and Integrated Science programs. This success would not have happened without Joel’s help and I would recommend him to anyone looking for admission to these “hard to get into” programs.”

Confidential Client Parent — Oshawa, ON

"We're are delighted to announce that our daughter got into all the programs that she applied to: Ivey, Commerce, Laurier BBA, Degroote, Dalhousie Commerce, Kinesiology and Nursing."

Confidential Client Parent — Toronto, ON

“I had Joel help me with my McMaster Integrated Science and Health Science application. He really made this intimidating process much less stressful and I was accepted to both programs.

He did that by really outlining what the university’s are going to be looking for in an application and he helped me really dig down to find subjects that I’m passionate about writing and it really shows on my applications.

Overall, he knows what he’s doing. He has a lot of experience and that shows. He’s been super helpful and helped me produce a very solid application for both programs."

Listen for Yourself

Confidential Client Student — Oshawa, ON

“Working with Joel was an amazing decision and has helped make a complicated and stressful process a lot clearer.

He was always available for assistance in which he guided me throughout my applications, which I now feel really confident about. He got to know me on a personal level which allowed us to contribute and be on the same page at all times.”

Listen for Yourself

Confidential Client Student — Toronto, ON

“Joel helped me with my Personal Profile for my application for UBC Sauder. He knows what he's doing.

He was really good at taking my story and showcasing it in a way that impressed me and I'm sure will also impress the admissions team. He does his background research really well to know more about you, your work, and other things that you were a part of. I'm still impressed with how fast and just after our first phone call he just knew the type of person I was and what made me tick.

Without his help, I would have been very stressed about my personal profile since it was so essential to my acceptance at UBC and it wouldn't have turned out half as good. I would recommend him to anyone applying to UBC Sauder.”

Listen for Yourself

Confidential Client Student — Burnaby, BC

“Joel help me with my application to Queen’s and to the Chancellor’s Award. He was very flexible with timing and finding time that worked really well for both of us.

He guided me through my Chancellor’s Scholarship application and my university application, as well as starting my own business, and I'm very happy with the results.”

Listen for Yourself

Confidential Client Student — Ottawa, ON

Working with Joel has been a pleasure. He offers a creative, academic and persuasive writing style. Through phone calls, he has helped me put my thoughts into words and place information through my essays to optimize my chances of acceptance.

And through about two months of working together, Joel’s helped me with multiple applications to which I'm submitting very confidently. I'd recommend this program for any student applying to university.”

Listen for Yourself

Confidential Client Student — Toronto, ON

“Many thanks for the great work you have put in, which has all been very worthwhile.

You have made the process much easier and more enjoyable for her. Your guidance and assistance has removed a lot of stress from me and my husband...

I am grateful for that!”

Confidential Client Parent — San Francisco, USA

"Alex was crucial not only to my first choice, Waterloo Engineering acceptance, but also to the other programs that required supplementary applications. I definitely could not have done it without his advice and great availability."

Sam P. Student — Toronto, ON

"The admissions consulting service provided by Alex and Joel exceeded all of my expectations!

With the help of exceptionally thorough and experienced consultants, I was admitted to the program of my dreams, Queen's Commerce, along with Western's Richard Ivey School of Business.

The friendly staff provided step by step support throughout every aspect of the application process. I strongly recommend their admission consulting services to all students hoping to gain acceptance to the school of their dreams!

Confidential Client Student — Toronto, ON

"Because of Joel's guidance, I made big changes and improvements to my extra-curriculars, including starting a local non-profit initiative that has been quite successful. His coaching was instrumental in helping me get this initiative off the ground and I believe it's been an integral part of my application.

I was successfully admitted to Queen's Commerce and now I am thriving in the program. I am continuing to run my non-profit on the side and I am excited about continuing to leverage skills and experiences that Admissions Ally and Joel has taught me."

Anonymous Client Student — Toronto, ON

"Joel truly provided me with one of a type service, helping me every step of the way. From the very beginning by helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses all the way to crafting my written responses in a articulate manner.

He truly helped me understand my thoughts and ideas and put them on a page. Through Joel’s help, I was able to attain an offer at the Smith School of Business (QCom).

For everyone looking, I would sincerely recommend Joel for his hard work and dedication to each student. Day or night Joel was really accommodating and always there to help!"

Confidential Client Student — Brampton, ON

"I found that the Waterloo application questions asked a lot but didn’t give enough character space, so the bootcamp helped me in picking the more important answers that best answer all the questions. 

I loved the templates. It allowed me to organize my thoughts and write the best answers in the least amount of characters."

Mary A. Student — Mississauga, ON

“Thanks so much for the support on the Waterloo application and the coaching video interview. It’s been a long process and we couldn’t have been accepted without you”.

Confidential Client Parent — Oakville, ON

“I was able to finish the Waterloo Eng Bootcamp 1-2 days before the application deadline, and I remember being extremely pressured to do well on my answers with so little time. What I really liked about the bootcamp was the essay templates that were given to help out with my answers. For starters, it alleviates a lot of stress as a student. Instead of trying to concoct an application answer out of thin air, the templates give a lot of inspiration on what to write about, and let's you keep an organized and understandable mind as you write.

I also really enjoyed the samples that were shared during the bootcamp. There were definitely moments when I had the template right in front of me, but I still didn't know how to approach my answer in the best way possible. The samples gave me a clear direction on how to perfect my choice of words, as well as what to focus on or omit in my answer. It's also really nice to have someone actually go through all the application questions and exemplars (through the video), as you get a clearer idea on what that student was trying to convey, and why it was good to do so in the question.

wouldn't say I disliked anything, as the entire bootcamp was very useful.”

Eric L. Student — Kitchener, ON

"I got offers of admission to both Queen's and Western's commerce programs last week! I just accepted my offer to Queen's because that has always been my preferred school, and the school I bought your Bootcamp to help with.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help; your Bootcamp was the edge I needed to get into both schools. I am incredibly excited for what the future holds."

Confidential Client Student — North Bay, ON

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