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Do you want to get into Queen’s Commerce?

With around 7k applications and only 475 spots available per year, Queen’s Commerce has a very low acceptance rate.

The supplemental PSE is a critical way for you to stand out, improve your chances, and show who you are as a student.


Boost your chances with our admissions bootcamp

Our online Queen’s Commerce admissions bootcamp helps you complete your application with confidence.

Follow our step-by-step, proven system, taught by someone who has helped over 100 students obtain offers from Queen’s Commerce.

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10+ hours of video lessons, plus essay examples & templates

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Course Content


Before You Apply

To get into Queen’s Commerce, you must first understand the program’s requirements. Joel gives a detailed explanation of grade expectations, the anticipated admissions cutoff, key dates and deadlines, OUAC, Net IDs, and the archaic Queen's University SOLUS platform.


Clarifying the Cryptic Admissions Process

Joel reveals exactly how the Queen’s Commerce admissions process works through a simple, yet thorough breakdown. With 10+ years of experience and knowing former classmates who have reviewed Queen's Commerce PSEs, you will gain more transparency on what goes on behind closed doors.


Admissions Secrets & Past Success Strategies

What does Queen’s Commerce look for? Having worked with hundreds of students and boasting a 90% success rate with his 1-on-1 clients, Joel has fine-tuned a very specific approach and technique with his students. He’ll share his strategies, mistakes to avoid, and case studies with past clients.


Self-Awareness & Emotional Maturity

Everyone has a uniqueness that differentiates them from the rest of the world. What is it about you that makes you different from other applicants? That’s the purpose of this module. Joel uses a proprietary set of frameworks and tools to help you craft a ‘brand identity’—ultimately allowing you to build a more authentic and memorable application.



Research is a critical skill at university, yet very few students demonstrate it in their applications. In this module, Joel teaches students how to go beyond the call of duty when it comes to conducting (and conveying) good research on Queen's University and the Smith Commerce program. This module also explains the research that the admissions committee may perform on you as an applicant. We will provide specific tips on what you can do to leave the best impression.


Leadership Development

Leadership is one skill that every single top-ranked university program uses to describe their ideal candidate. However, it’s also the one skill students least effectively demonstrated by applicants. In this module, students get exclusive access to Joel’s curated database of approved leadership opportunities, along with several real examples of past student leadership initiatives.


Essay Writing Essentials

Here’s what you didn’t learn in English class: how to write a high-impact, outstanding admissions essay. Joel teaches you the exact process he uses to help his students create thousands of successful essays—one client describes this module as “a necessity for any student applying to university”.


Queen’s Commerce Supplementary Application: Overview

Joel provides an overview about the Queen’s Commerce supplementary application, including Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) and the Supplementary Essays. He’ll go through essential information and common confusions about the application as a whole.


The Personal Statement of Experience (PSE)

Joel explains the Queen's General PSE component of the application (“the lists”), including the exact formula he uses to write each entry. This module includes an online Google Spreadsheet template students can privately fill out so it’s easier to upload to the Queen's SOLUS platform.


PSE Essay #1: Breakdown & Examples

Joel rigorously analyses the General PSE essay question and provides specific strategies, a suggested essay structure, and two fully-written Queen's PSE essay examples for students to review. Please note, this module will only become available when the official 2019/20 PSE application is available.


Supplementary Essay #1: Breakdown & Examples

Joel rigorously analyses the first Commerce Supplementary Essay question and provides specific strategies, a suggested essay structure, and two fully-written Queen's PSE essay examples for students to review. Please note, this module will only become available when the official 2019/20 application is available.


Supplementary Essay #2: Breakdown & Examples

Joel rigorously analyses the second Commerce Supplementary Essay question and provides specific strategies, a suggested essay structure, and two fully-written Queen's Commerce essay examples for students to review. Please note, this module will only become available when the official 2019/20 application is available.


Submitting Your Application

With a completed application, Joel explains how to go about submitting it successfully on Queen's SOLUS. He’ll also provide his insights and advice on choosing a strong reference, when you should expect to hear back from Queen’s about acceptances for 2020, and what to do if you’ve been waitlisted.


Closing Guidance & Final Advice

In the last module of the bootcamp, Joel shares his best advice to prospective students, including what he wished he knew when applying to university and when entering the Queen’s Commerce program.

Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Joel Nicholson!

After attending Queen’s Commerce, I became a youth leadership coach and expert in Canadian university counselling.

For 10+ years, I’ve helped countless students get admitted into Queen's Commerce with a 90% success rate with my 1-on-1 clients.

Take my Queen's Commerce Admissions Bootcamp™ and you can leverage the essential insights I’ve gained over the years.

Trusted by parents. Approved by students.

“My husband and I really can't thank you enough for all you have done for our daughter's admission into Queen's Commerce.

You have challenged her thinking and writing, and pushed her to position her past accomplishments in ways she had not done so previously. You also gave her the confidence and initiative to begin a project that I believe she will sustain and draw further confidence from as well."

Confidential Client Parent — Toronto, ON

"Joel’s consulting work with Noa was truly a game changer.  He worked with her to develop an X Factor as a common theme.  He then help her craft all of her personal statements around this theme.  The end result was exceptional. 

Noa was accepted to Queen’s Commerce and awarded a scholarship.  I told Joel his consulting fee was money well spent long before we learned that she had been accepted."

John M. Parent — Toronto, ON

“I have absolutely no regrets working with Joel. He made the process of applying to universities a lot less stressful and made me consider things I never would have considered mentioning in my essays. I was accepted to Queen’s Commerce and Western Ivey. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone applying!”

Confidential Client Student — Oakville, ON

I got into Queen's Commerce and I’ve accepted my offer. Thank you so much for your guidance and support on the application process. It was a true game changer for me."

Jordan M. Student — Belleville, ON

"We're are delighted to announce that our daughter got into all the programs that she applied to: Ivey, Commerce, Laurier BBA, Degroote, Dalhousie Commerce, Kinesiology and Nursing."

Confidential Client Parent — Toronto, ON

Here’s a Summary of Everything You Get

Queen’s Commerce Admissions Bootcamp™

  • 14 comprehensive modules
  • Insider admissions secrets
  • 1-on-1 essay feedback by Joel
  • Real essay examples & templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take this bootcamp?

When I went to Queen's Commerce, I was the student head of recruiting—working directly with the program director. I've been advising students on their applications for ten years and my success rate is around 90% per year. This bootcamp encompasses everything a prospective applicant needs to know to get admitted.

It also includes real 1-on-1 high-level feedback on your essays from me, templates and suggested essay outlines to streamline your writing process, and custom-written essay examples.

How many students are enrolled in this bootcamp?

I enrol 25 students to this bootcamp on a first come, first serve basis. I limit enrollment because I like to be involved with my students and I simply don't have enough capacity for more.

What if I have a question? Am I able to contact you?

Yes! I will personally respond to your emails and queries about the bootcamp or your application via email. I take a limited number of students in each bootcamp, which allows me to answer your queries in a timely manner.

Please note, this bootcamp does not include essay editing or revisions, but I do provide that service at an additional rate. I recommend everyone to go through the bootcamp fully before we dive into my essay services. 

How long will this bootcamp take me to complete?

The bootcamp contains over 10 hours of exclusive video footage, plus worksheets, templates, and other resources.

You could complete all of the modules in a couple days; however, we suggest you space it out by taking this bootcamp before (or alongside) writing your essays and applications. I always say starting earlier is better.

I also realize high school can be extremely busy, so I will personally send you email reminders if I notice you haven't taken a module recently. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I've never had someone unhappy with my services, but if you made a purchase by mistake or there is another issue, please contact us within seven (7) days of your purchase describing your issue and I will refund you and remove your access.

Unfortunately, because this is a digital product and can be duplicated, I cannot offer a refund period any longer than that. Please read my Terms & Conditions for additional information.

What if I want to buy multiple bootcamps?

I offer my existing clients who are currently enrolled in bootcamps a special 50% off discount for additional bootcamps. Please purchase your first bootcamp and you'll unlock access to this exclusive discount.