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Do you want to get into McMaster BHSc?

With 4k students applying to McMaster Health Sciences and only 206 spots available, Mac Health Sci is one of the most competitive programs in Canada.

While grades are important for your admission, the supplemental essays are the best way for you to stand out, gain an edge, and show who you are as a student.


Spend less time stressing and second-guessing about BHSc

The strength of your supplementary essays will determine an acceptance or rejection—but doing a high-quality job takes time that you don’t have, given all your other commitments.

Stop scrambling for feedback and answers. Get clear, proven advice from a professional you can trust.


Acceptance Rate

We help students have the best probability of receiving an offer, hands down

10+ Years

Proven Experience

We are the undisputed leading experts in the McMaster HS application


Client Satisfaction

Hundreds of 5-star reviews and a money-back guarantee—that’s trust

1-on-1 Consulting

Stand-out from the crowd by showcasing your BEST self

Believe it or not, McMaster Health Sciences applicants submit shockingly similar and uncreative supplementary essays.

We assist students in developing essays that truly stand-out, while selecting the pieces of your life—most of which you might overlook—to create a truly compelling and authentic application.

Boost your chances and avoid common pitfalls

We don’t just edit essays. We help craft clear and compelling responses that perfectly encapsulate who you are and what the admissions committee is looking for.

For 10+ years, we’ve read so many applications that we know what works and what doesn’t—we’ll steer you away from unoriginal, cliché, or ‘no-no’ strategies.

How It Works


Discover your strengths and what makes you unique through our proprietary coaching process and personality assessment.


We provide expert advice on academic opportunities to can improve your grades and med school preparation.

Profile Strategy

We help you develop an application theme and strategy to fill in the gaps in your profile and ensure you standout from the crowd.


We help you identify and achieve BIG extracurricular opportunities, such as internships, your own non-profit, research opportunities, etc.

Topic Brainstorm
& Selection

Having seen many essays, we can help you choose topics that are unique and avoid ones that rub readers the wrong way.

Reflective Thinking

We prompt students’ to reflect deeper on thoughts and experiences to capture more unique and mature perspectives beyond the norm.

Essay Outlining
& Drafting

We help you build out a structure for your essays, so they are beautifully flowing stories that check all the boxes.

Essay Revisions
& Feedback

We deep-dive into your essays with insightful comments and detailed edits so you keep what matters and take out what doesn’t.

Final Proofing
& Polishing

We make sure your application is picture-perfect and you’re not overlooking blindspots that could put you at risk of a rejection.

Your Expert Advisors

Hi I’m Shaar!

I’m a recent McMaster Bachelor of Life Science grad and currently working at WE, an international development charity and youth empowerment movement.

I have a unique background as both a scientist and businesswoman, specializing in program design, student development, and leadership coaching. 

I will help students who are interested in applying to McMaster and pursuing multiple career paths.

I’m excited to work 1-1 together!

Hi, I’m Joshua!

I’m a recent McMaster BHSc (Health Sci) grad now pursuing the medical school route.

I'm blessed (and quite lucky) I got into Mac. I didn't have any support on my application, and it really took a toll on the stress I underwent in my Grade 12 year.

I believe students applying to university—particularly highly competitive programs like Mac—deserve accessible support options.

That's why I coach BHSc applicants to become the best applicants (and students) they can be. Looking forward to working together!

Online Bootcamp

Video breakdowns with insider admissions secrets

Think of our bootcamps as the masterclass on how to get into McMaster Health Sciences: 12 exclusive video modules and downloadable resources.

Our easily digestible videos breakdown the admissions process, dissect essay questions, and optimize your chances of getting in. The best part? It’s available online, anytime.

Essay examples and easy-to-follow essay templates

Beyond the videos, our bootcamp comes with essential resources to support Mac BHSc applicants.

This includes actual essay examples from this year’s application and paragraph-by-paragraph essay templates so you’re not starting with a blank page.

Bootcamp Contents


Grades & Deadlines

To get into McMaster Health Sciences, you must first understand the program’s requirements. We give a detailed explanation of grade expectations, the anticipated admissions cutoff, and key dates and deadlines.


Clarifying the Cryptic Admissions Process

We reveal exactly how the McMaster Health Sciences admissions process works through a simple, yet thorough breakdown. With years of experience and proven results, you will gain more transparency on what goes on behind closed doors.


Admissions Secrets & Past Success Strategies

What does McMaster Health Sciences look for? Having worked with hundreds of students and boasting a 80% success rate with our 1-on-1 clients, we have fine-tuned a very specific approach and technique with our students. We'll share our strategies, mistakes to avoid, and case studies with past clients.


Self-Awareness & Emotional Maturity

Everyone has a uniqueness that differentiates them from the rest of the world. What is it about you that makes you different from other applicants? That’s the purpose of this module. we use a proprietary set of frameworks and tools to help you craft a ‘brand identity’—ultimately allowing you to build a more authentic and memorable application.



Research is a critical skill at university, yet very few students demonstrate it in their applications. In this module, we teach students how to go beyond the call of duty when it comes to conducting (and conveying) good research on McMaster University and the Health Sciences program. This module also explains the research that the admissions committee may perform on you as an applicant. We will provide specific tips on what you can do to leave the best impression.


Answer-first Essay Writing for STEM Applicants

There's a very particular way in which STEM applicants should compose their essays. Unlike the storytelling approach, suitable for business and arts applicants; the STEM approach is much more purposeful, concise, and direct. This method is called the 'answer-first' communication style and it will help you write more successful responses to STEM admissions prompts.


The BHSc Supplementary Application - Overview

We provide an overview about the McMaster BHSc supplementary application, including a brief introduction to this year's questions and how to go about choosing the right question option for you. We'll also go through common confusions and mistakes students make on the application instructions and requirements.


BHSc Question 1a & 1b: Breakdown & Examples

We rigorously analyze the first BHSc essay question (both option A and B) and provides specific strategies, a suggested essay structure, and two fully-written essay examples for students to review. Please note, this module will only become available when the official 2020/21 application is available.


BHSc Question 2a & 2b: Breakdown & Examples

We rigorously analyze the second BHSc essay question (both option A and B) and provides specific strategies, a suggested essay structure, and two fully-written essay examples for students to review. Please note, this module will only become available when the official 2020/21 application is available.


BHSc Question 3: Breakdown & Examples

We rigorously analyze the third BHSc essay question and provides specific strategies, a suggested essay structure, and two fully-written essay examples for students to review. Please note, this module will only become available when the official 2020/21 application is available.


Submitting Your Application

With a completed application, we explain how to go about submitting it successfully on the McMaster online platform. We'll also provide his insights and advice, when you should expect to hear back from McMaster, and what to do if you’ve been waitlisted.


Closing Guidance & Final Advice

In the last module of the bootcamp, we share our best advice to prospective students, including what our McMaster HS students wished they knew when applying to university and when entering the BHSc program.

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For students curious about how all this works




For students who want thorough support on a budget




For students who want a trusted second opinion




For students who don’t want to leave anything to chance


Online Bootcamp

Prep/Training Videos

info copy
We have a proven step-by-step process that we teach through video modules packed with helpful tips to create a winning application

4 Modules

12 Modules

12 Modules

All Bootcamps

Essay Analysis & Breakdowns

info copy
We provide expert analysis and breakdown for each and every essay question, so you can answer it most effectively

Essay Examples

info copy
Get access to real essay examples written specifically for this year’s application, as well as examples from past years

Essay ‘Answer’ Templates

info copy
Use our paragraph-by-paragraph essay templates so you know exactly how to structure a winning essay

1-on-1 Consulting/Coaching

Student Discovery

info copy
We’ll use our proprietary coaching process and personality assessment to discover your strengths and what makes you unique

Academic Advising

info copy
Expert advice on course and subject selection, as well as academic opportunities that can improve your grades/profile.

Candidate Profile Strategy

info copy
We know exactly what the admissions committee looks for and can help you develop an authentic profile that fits this

Leadership Coaching

info copy
Identify and achieve BIG extracurricular opportunities, such as internships, your own non-profit, a new club at school, etc.

Topic Brainstorm & Selection

info copy
Not sure what to write? We help you choose topics that are unique and ‘work’ with the admissions committee, while avoid ones that rub readers the wrong way

Reflective Thinking Prompts

info copy
We help you elevate your thinking on the essay questions so you’re not providing an average response that doesn’t help you stand out

Essay Outlining & Drafting

info copy
We work with you 1-on-1 to develop the first draft of your application so you’re starting with a strong foundational structure

Essay Revisions & Feedback

info copy
Simply put: we help make your essays better by adding, deleting, and rearranging the details of your responses for clarity and effect

Final Proofing & Polishing

info copy
Our professional editors will fix your grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to meet the writing standards universities expect

Client Support (7 Days a Week)


info copy
Unlimited 1-on-1 support via email

Phone Calls & Text

info copy
Unlimited 1-on-1 support through phone calls and text messages

Money-back Guarantee

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While it’s never happened, if for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with our service we will give your money back


Select Your Support

Pick a plan that fits your needs. Questions? Email
[email protected]




For students curious about how all this works

  • 4 Modules


For students who want support on a budget

  • 12 Modules
  • Essay Analysis & Breakdowns
  • Essay Examples
  • Essay ‘Answer’ Templates
  • Money-back Guarantee


For students who want a trusted second opinion

  • 12 Modules
  • Essay Analysis & Breakdowns
  • Essay Examples
  • Essay ‘Answer’ Templates
  • Topic Brainstorm & Selection
  • Reflective Thinking Prompts
  • Essay Outlining & Drafting
  • Essay Revisions & Feedback
  • Final Proofing & Polishing
  • Email Support
  • Money-back Guarantee


For students who don’t want to leave anything to chance

  • All Our Bootcamps
  • Essay Analysis & Breakdowns
  • Essay Examples
  • Essay ‘Answer’ Templates
  • Client Discovery
  • Academic Advising
  • Application Strategy
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Topic Brainstorm & Selection
  • Essay Outlining & Drafting
  • Essay Revisions & Feedback
  • Final Proofing & Polishing
  • Email Support
  • Phone & Text Support
  • Money-back Guarantee


Trusted by parents. Loved by students.

“Joel’s program helped me significantly develop my leadership skills and build an application that got me admitted to McMaster Health Sciences—my dream program.”

Listen for Yourself

Anonymous Client Student — Hamilton, ON

"Initially, I was concerned about hiring someone for my son in his pursuit of admission to Mac.

I had heard all sorts of stories about application services and I wanted my son to be admitted on his own merits. Joel did a wonderful job of coaching my son. He helped him develop his thoughts and express them clearly. Joel showed a great deal of patience and in the end, my son was accepted to both the Health Science and Integrated Science programs. This success would not have happened without Joel’s help and I would recommend him to anyone looking for admission to these “hard to get into” programs.”

Anonymous Client Parent — Oshawa, ON

“I had Joel help me with my McMaster Integrated Science and Health Science application. He really made this intimidating process much less stressful and I was accepted to both programs.

He did that by really outlining what the university’s are going to be looking for in an application and he helped me really dig down to find subjects that I’m passionate about writing and it really shows on my applications.

Overall, he knows what he’s doing. He has a lot of experience and that shows. He’s been super helpful and helped me produce a very solid application for both programs."

Listen for Yourself

Anonymous Client Student — Oshawa, ON

“Joel has been working with me for the past six months in the process of putting together my Health Science application. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and in answering any questions I had to begin with.

With his help I was able to start up my first entrepreneurial project, something I'm sure I would not have been able to do without his help. Together we were able to put together an application that communicated my ideas and represented who I was as a student. I would highly recommend Joel and his expertise to anyone and I cannot thank him enough for his help.”

Listen for Yourself

Anonymous Client Student — Vancouver, BC

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Admissions Ally?

Simply put: we're the experts on the McMaster Health Sciences application. We've advised more students on their applications, for over ten years and our success rate is approximately 80%.

Our coaching methodology helps students elevate the thinking on their application, enhance their extracurricular profile, and tailor their essays to what the reviewers want to see. We help build students into the best possible versions of themselves, something that traditional academia is teaching.

When should we start working together?

For our 1-on-1 support, we start working with students starting in Grade 11 to a week before the application is due. The longer we work together, the more impact we can have; but if it is a shorter duration, we can expedite our work to help our clients.

The bootcamp will become available in the early summer and the modules breaking down this year's application are available in the early fall, once this year's application is released.

If you enroll as an advanced access student, you will receive access to the full course when it becomes available, like everyone else enrolled.

What if I have a question? Am I able to contact you?

Yes! If you have general questions about the bootcamp, the packages, or about working with us 1-on-1, email us directly at [email protected] and we'll get back to you in a few hours.

If you're already enrolled in the Essential or Premium package, we will personally respond to your emails and queries in a timely manner. Essential applicants are eligible for email support and Premium applicants are eligible for email, phone, and text support.

Do you offer refunds?

If you have purchased the Starter package (bootcamp only), because it is a digital product and can be duplicated, we ask that you contact us within seven (7) days of purchase in order to receive a refund. Please read my Terms & Conditions for additional information.

With our 1-on-1 coaching services, we've never had someone request a refund, but if you made a purchase by mistake or there is another issue, please contact us and if it's not resolvable, we will give you a refund.

How can I access all of the Admissions Ally bootcamps?

If you purchase a Premium package, you get access to all of the Admissions Ally bootcamps.

How long does the bootcamp take me to complete?

The bootcamp contains several hours of exclusive video footage, plus worksheets, templates, and other resources.

You could complete all of the modules in a couple days; however, we suggest you space it out by taking this bootcamp before (or alongside) writing your essays and applications. We always say starting earlier is better.

We also realize high school can be extremely busy, so we will personally send you email reminders if we notice you haven't taken a module recently. 

Do you help with BHSc Level II applications?

Yes. The BHSc Level II application for first-year university and transfer students is the same as the BHSc Level I application for high school applicants.

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